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 Written Test

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PostSubject: Written Test   Written Test Icon_minitimeSun Jan 10, 2010 6:16 am

You must take this test in order to duel first.
You must score at least a 72 to pass and duel your way in.
Note you need 200 to pass the whole exam
100 for this 150 for the duel exam

Section 1: Multiple Choice

1. If your opponent's Mobius the Frost Monarch attacks your Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch, and you activate your facedown Waboku, What Happens?
a)Their attack is stopped entirely.
b)Nothing, both monsters die.
c)Their monster dies.
d)None of the above

2.Can I use the Egyption God Cards (Slifer, Ra, Obelisk) in a duel?
a)Of coarse you can, they are cards!
c)Depends if they are real or not
d)Depends on the type of duel (such as street duel, etc)

3. What is the difference between a Magic Card and a Spell Card?
b)Magic is another TCG game
c)The way they effect the field
d)It depends on its type (such as continous are spell cards)

4. Which of the following is not a type of Spell card?
e)None they all are

5. At least how many cards must you have in your graveyard to activate "Exchange of the Spirit"?
a)5 cards
b)10 cards
c)18 cards
d)15 cards

6. Due to the effect of "Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu", which card can you add from your deck to your hand?
a)Premature Burial
b)The Shallow Grave
c)Foolish Burial

7. Due to the effect of "UFO Turtle", which monster can you special summon from your deck?
a)Fushi no Tori
b)People Running About
c)Great Angus
d)Lava Golem

8. If "Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands" is Summoned/Flip Summoned, which card in your deck can you add to your hand?
a)Dedication Through Light & Darkness
b)Contract With Exodia
c)Earth Chant
d)A Deal with Dark Ruler

9.These cards have the following effect: Return cards to the owner's hand. Which one allow you to retrieve the most cards?
a)Penguin Soldier
c)Byser Shock

10.Which monster can attack on the turn it is summoned?
a)Toon Summoned Skull
b)Blue Eyes Toon Dragon
c)Armor exe
d)Toon Dark Magician Girl

Section 2: True or False (4 point each)

Fusion Monsters are purple in color.
You can only have 60 cards in your deck.
You cannot summon any Toon Monsters if Toon World is not on the field.
You can special summon Cyber-End Dragon without a fusion summon.
Chimeratech Overdragon cannot attack your opponent’s life points after it destroyes a monster first.
All the rules from the television show apply to the real life card game.
You are aloud to have 3 copies of Nightmare Steelcage in your deck.
Not all players play by traditional rules.
As long as you didn’t summon before hand, you can summon a monster after you attack.
You can summon more then one monster in a single turn.

Section 3: Questions

1.Can Patrican of Darkness target opponents monsters due to its effect?
2.Whats a burn deck?
3.When you flip a facedown monster can you then summon a monster faceup attack position if you havent yet?
4. Do you have to keep The Unfriendly Amazon on the field even tho you have a monster, or must you use its effect and sacrifice that monster?
5.Using call of the haunted can you summon Jinzo from the grave?
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Written Test
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