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 Here is my joke

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PostSubject: Here is my joke   Sun Mar 21, 2010 12:34 pm

Ok this is my first stand up comedy part

What kind of guy steals ice?! This one guy breaks into the biggest manion while the camera in the kitchen was watching him and in there is 100000000000 dollars in front of the mircowave and the bugular sees the money and goes for the freezer...He dives near the mircowave so the cops thought he dove for the money no....he thought he heard someone but it wasnt anything so he creeps slowly to the freezer....Half way there....Hes there he opens the freezer and there is a pirzed fish for 10000000 dollars in front of the ice...He throws the fish out the window for the cats.he just takes the 1000000000 dollar fish and THROWS IT OUT THE WINDOW! SO thenhe takes the ice box and drives to his home...he looks in the box and its full of water....He was like WTF?! I stole ICE NOT WATER!!!! He gets soo pissed he goes back to the guys house he robbed and complains to him! He goes...."WHAT KIND OF SICK MAN ARE U?!" The man goes"What?" The robber goes"I got into ur house last night through all the traps and dogs....And I get the ice!! I come home and its water!!!" the man goes"U only stole my ice? I..." "I stole ur water somehow not ur ice" "well....let me get this straight U broke into my house and stole my ice/water?! U didnt think of my money or anything?! WHAT KIND OF BUGALAR ARE U?!?!" "Im not a burgular...Im an ice inspector!
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Red Eyes Black Dragon
Red Eyes Black Dragon

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PostSubject: Re: Here is my joke   Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:44 pm

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Here is my joke
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