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 Written Test(Graduates Only)NOT NEW STUDENTS

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PostSubject: Written Test(Graduates Only)NOT NEW STUDENTS   Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:52 am

Ok guys were finally changing the exam. So people dont cheat. Ok so this is a pretty long one. You can thank RVD for that =p

Your opponent has 1 Dekoichi the Battlechanted faceup on their side of the field, and two set spell/trap cards. On your turn, you special summon Cyber Dragon and sent it to the grave along with Dekoichi to special summon Chimeratech Fortress Dragon. Your oppenent activates their set card, Acid Rain, to destroy your Fortress Dragon. You summon Vorse Raider and end your turn. During your end phase, your opponent activates book of moon from their field to flip your monster face-down.

What play was incorrect during the turn?
a. You used your opponents monster to summon Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
b. You summoned Cyber Dragon and set a monster in the same turn
c. Your opponents activation of Acid Rain was incorrect
d. Your opponents activation of Book of Moon was incorrect
e. None of the above

Your opponent's White Night Dragon is the only monster on the field, and he uses it to attack you directly. You activate Mirror Force in response to its attack, and your opponent chains Interdimensional Matter Transporter. What happens?

a. White Night Dragon negates Mirror Force and is removed from play until the end of the turn
b. WND negates both Matter Transporter and Mirror Force, and attacks successfully
c. WND negates Matter Transporter and is destroyed by Mirror Force
d. None of the above

You use Call of the Haunted to special summon Jinzo from your graveyard. Which of the following cards can your opponent activate (NOT chained to Call of the Haunted)?

a. Bottomless Trap Hole to remove Jinzo from play
b. Dust Tornado to destroy Call of the Haunted, and thusly Jinzo
c. Royal Decree, to negate the effect of Call of the Haunted and destroy Jinzo
d. Solemn Judgment to negate the summon of Jinzo, at the cost of half your life points
e. None of the above

Which of the following cards allows you to special summon Pinch Hopper from your deck in defense position?

a. Howling Insect
b. Flying Kamakiri #1
c. Giant Rat
d. Avalanching Aussa
e. None of the above

A chain occurs in this order: 1-Solemn Judgment negates the summon of a monster, 2-Dark Bribe negates solemn judgment, 3-Dark Bribe negates Dark Bribe, 4-Book of Moon flips the monster targeted by Solemn into face-down defense position, 5- Mystical Wind Typhoon targets Book of Moon. Which of the following is true?

a. The monsters summon was negated with Solemn Judgment and none of the effects of other cards in the chain are activated
b. The monster was flipped facedown by Book of Moon, so Solemn Judgment doesn't have a target and the monster remains on the field. The owner of the negated Dark Bribe draws 1 card
c. Mystical Wind Typhoon destroys Book of Moon and Solemn negates the monsters summon. The owner of the negated Dark Bribe draws 1 card
d. The monster was flipped facedown by Book of Moon, so Solemn Judgment doesn't have a target and the monster remains on the field; Dark Bribe 1 no longer has a target, so Dark Bribe 2 doesn't have a card to negate, and nobody draws a card
e. None of the above

Your graveyard consists of the following cards: Mystical Space Typhoon, Red-Eyes Wyvern, Dark Armed Dragon, Bottomless Trap Hole, Masked Dragon, Totem Dragon, and Dark Factory of Mass Production. On your turn, you summon Breaker the Magical Warrior and activate its effect to destroy your opponents Royal Decree. You attack, and your opponent destroys Breaker with Mirror Force. Your opponent sets a monster on their turn. On your Standby Phase, you activate the effect of Totem Dragon. During your Main Phase, you remove it from play to special summon Red-Eyes Darkness-Metal Dragon, and use REDMD's effect to special summon Masked Dragon from your graveyard. In your battle phase, you attack your opponents monster with REDMD and destroy it; you proceed to attack directly with Masked Dragon and end your turn. Which part of this was incorrect?

a. Red-Eyes Darkness-Metal Dragon cannot special summon a monster from the graveyard
b. Totem Dragon cannot be summoned to the field with its effect
c. REDMD cannot attack the turn it is special summoned
d. The monster that REDMD special summons cannot attack that turn
e. None of the above

Which of the following can Shield Crush NOT target?

a. A faceup defense-position monster on your side of the field
b. A facedown defense-position monster anywhere on the field
c. The monster with the highest defense on the field
d. The monster with the lowest defense on the field
e. None of the above

Gemini Lancer was summoned to your side of the field last turn. This turn, you re-summon Gemini Lancer on your side of the field so that you can use its effect. Your opponent responds with Trap Hole to destroy Gemeni Lancer. You use Dark Factory of Mass Production to return Gemini Lancer and Vorse Raider to your hand and end your turn. Which play was incorrect?

a. Gemini Lancer's second summon is a special summon, and Trap Hole cannot be activated
b. Gemini Lancer is now treated as an effect monster, so Dark Factory cannot return it from the grave to your hand
c. Every play was correct this turn
d. More than one of these plays were incorrect

You control Ojama Green and Ojama Blue, both in attack position, with Royal Decree and Ojama Country on your side of the field. Your opponent controls attack-position Gene-Warped Warwolf. You activate creature swap to exchange Ojama Blue and Gene-Warped Warwolf, and you attack Ojama with Warwolf. Which of the following is true?

a. Warwolf destroys Ojama and deals 2000 points of damage
b. Warwolf destroys Ojama and deals 1000 points of damage
c. Warwolf is destroyed and you take 900 damage
d. None of the above

You control 3 Bladeflies and the field spell Forest. Your opponent controls a 2 face-up Ultimate Insects lv3 (summoned by the effect of Ultimate Insect lv1). You attack with a Bladefly and your opponent activates shrink on the attacking Bladefly. What happens?

a. Bladefly is destroyed and you recieve 550 damage
b. Bladefly is destroyed and you recieve 850 damage
c. Ultimate Insect lv3 is destroyed and your opponent recieves 300 damage
d. Bladefly and Ultimate Insect lv3 are both destroyed
e. None of the above occur

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PostSubject: Re: Written Test(Graduates Only)NOT NEW STUDENTS   Sun Sep 20, 2009 9:23 pm

Ok please join my testing ham.





Topic Closed = After we finish dueling await for results in the results area.
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Written Test(Graduates Only)NOT NEW STUDENTS
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